LST working group @Nobeyama

August 2, 2018

We had a LST working group meeting on 3 August 2018 at Nobeyama. Considering the unbearable heat in Tokyo these days, the choice of the meeting venue was very essential indeed! (Nobeyama, where the NRO 45-m telescope locates, is also known as a summer refuge). It was impressive that a couple of young students who are working on engineering participated in the meeting. These students were also invited to observe the NRO 45-m telescope and related facilities. We hope these activities will be useful for the planned engineering activities for the millimetric adoptive optics experiments using the 45-m telescope. A novel plan shown by Dr. Mizuno (Melco) for a large aperture submm telescope was extremely stimulating, and further studies must be made. The meeting agenda was as follows.


1. Progress report on the vibration and deformation measurements of the NRO 45-m telescope using  precision accelerometers (Hashimoto, I., Osaka Pref. Univ.)

2. Evaluation of antenna gain of the radio telescope with a deformable secondary mirror (Seki, Y., Osaka Pref. Univ.)

3. Measurements of structures using deformation gauges and optical comb signals (Hattori, K., Nippon Institute of Technology)

4. Progress of Millimetric Adoptic Optics (MAO) (Ueda. T., Tamura, Y., Nagoya Univ.)

5. Report on the band-4 receiver (B4R) for the LMT 50-m telescope in Mexico (Taniguchi, A., Nagoya Univ.)

6. Plan for high spectral resolution receivers for LMT (Tamura, Y., Nagoya Univ.)

7. Progress of ultra-wide-band on-chip spectrograph DESHIMA (Takekoshi, T., Univ. of Tokyo)

8. Updates on domestic and international events related to LST (Kohno, K., Univ. of Tokyo)

9. Report on the expected sensitivities of the next generation multi-color mm/submm imaging array Toltech on the LMT 50-m telescope (Lee, M., Nagoya Univ.)

10. A novel plan for optical design of a large aperture submm telescope (Mizuno, T., Melco)


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