LST working group meeting @Osaka

May 20, 2018

We had an LST working group meeting at Osaka Prefecture University. It aims at sharing updates on technical and engineering studies for large aperture telescopes, as well as discussing strategies for international collaboration including AtLAST led by ESO. A talk presented by Prof. Kishimoto (Department of mechanical engineering, Setsunan University), an expert of large-scale structures in space, was particularly suggestive, and we are planning to make further collaboration for surface profile measurements of an existing telescope surface such as the NRO 45-m telescope. The agenda was as follows.


1. Progress of surface measurements of the NRO 45-m telescope using accelerometers (Hashimoto, I., Osaka Pref. Univ.)

2. Progress of Millimetric Adoptive Optics (MAO) (Ueda, T., and Tamura, Y., Nagoya Univ.)

3. Status of ASTE surface measurements (Kamazaki, T., NAOJ)

4. LST-AtLAST collaboration plan (Kawabe, R., NAOJ)

5. LST white paper and LST science workshop planning (Kohno, K., U. Tokyo)

6. Surface profile measurement of large reflector antennas by grating projection method (Kishimoto, N., Setsunan Univ.)

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