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  • 執筆者の写真Akio Taniguchi




Alvaro Hacarさん(ウィーン大学)


The enhanced sensitivity and resolution of modern radio-interferometers have started a new era for both Milky Way and extragalactic studies. However, with the dramatic improvement in sharpness of interferometers such as ALMA observers face a fundamental challenge: the recovery of extended emission due to the lack of zero-spacing information. Overcoming this problem requires the combination of interferometric plus single-dish observations. In a recent international collaboration, our group investigated the application of state-of-the-art data combination techniques for radio-interferometers. Moreover, we designed novel quality assessment metrics to quantitively estimate the goodness of the data combination process as well as the quality of the resulting data products. Our analysis demonstrates the dramatic improvement of advance data combination techniques with respect to interferometric-alone images. During my talk I will present different performance tests when applying these techniques in both continuum and line ALMA observations.



  • 2021年12月から, 毎月1回の頻度でオンライン・セミナーを開催することにいたしました. LSTセミナーは, 将来の大型サブミリ波望遠鏡建設に向けて, サイエンス面でチャレンジしたいことや技術開発面で必要な研究を考える機会としたく思います.

  • 講演時間と質疑応答の目安は, それぞれ60分および30分です. また, セミナー終了後, 残っていただき, 講演者の方とざっくばらんに意見交換することも可能です.

  • 世話人は, LST Sci. & Tech. Promotion Team (lstpt あっと です.





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